EAVI Conversations 2020, took place online from 27 October to 18 November

The event consisted of a series of one-to-one interviews conducted by EAVI founder, Paolo Celot. The purpose of the conversations was to hear from experts about their experiences and views on media, media literacy, disinformation and digital citizenship. With this in mind, our speakers shared original ideas about media life and the future of media literacy. 

Additionally, one final webinars with groups of speakers was organized. During the webinars and some of the interviews, we covered more specific topics such as policy, research or projects – the idea was to make the conversations accessible to everyone. They were intended to inspire, enhanced by the personality of each speaker, and potentially produced insights that were quite different from one another. 

The gatherings provided the opportunity to discuss and reflect about how to develop awareness of the digital environment in which we spend so much of our time. Our speakers were representatives of EU institutions, the media literacy community, civil society and researchers, as well as young people interested in the topics.

To orient the topics of discussion, we followed the EAVI revised vision of media literacy. This vision placed the needs and aspirations of human beings who inhabit the new environment at the centre of its model.

EAVI Revised Vision of Media Literacy - The Art of Living in the Digital Environment

Following the components of the EAVI revised vision, we tried to explore central questions of media literacy.

Central Questions

What can we expect in the future?

What are the new opportunities for participation, learning and sharing in our online lives?

What can be improved about the way we use media?

Are citizens well-equipped to participate in democracy on- and offline?

How can we ensure access to technological resources for everyone?

How can we be in better control of our technology and stay up to date with new developments?

How can citizens contribute to the common good using new media?

Fully Online

All sessions were conducted on Zoom and streamed live on our Facebook Page.

The recordings are also available here after the event. 

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