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The EAVI Conversations 2021 is coming!
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Did you enjoy our EAVI Conversations 2020? Do you want to hear from experts and learn more about our digital environment?

Stay tuned!

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Learn more about the EAVI Conversations 2020!
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During our EAVI Conversations 2020, we discussed with experts about various topics around media literacy that affect our everyday lives and our broader societies.

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Did you enjoy our EAVI Conversations 2020? Stay Tuned for our EAVI Conversations 2021!

The EAVI Conversations 2020, took place from 27 October to 18 November. The event consisted of a series of one-to-one interviews conducted by EAVI founder, Paolo Celot. The purpose of the conversations was to hear from experts about their experiences and views on media, media literacy, disinformation and digital citizenship. Additionally, one final webinar with groups of speakers was organized. During the conversations, we focused on more specific topics such as policy, research or projects – the initial idea was to make the conversations accessible to everyone.
To orient the topics of discussion, we followed the EAVI revised vision of media literacy – The Art of Living in the Digital Environment. This vision places the needs and aspirations of people who inhabit the new environment at the centre of its model.
All sessions were conducted on Zoom and live-streamed on our Facebook Page. 

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The EAVI Conversations 2020!


Individuals in Europe and beyond are increasingly distracted consumers and manipulated citizens. Educational initiatives have been slow to catch up with technological and cultural shifts, and policies even more so. The opportunities that new technologies offered, in terms of facilitating meaningful connections and proactive civil engagement have not yet come fully to fruition. It is finally accepted that critical thinking, not just technical skills, is the core of media literacy.
However, at EAVI, we believe that a more comprehensive frame should incorporate a deeper, pragmatic and holistic vision of media literacy. Our new media literacy concept is aimed at having a greater impact and influence in this new decade.

"Over the last 10 years, EAVI has contributed decisively to the current understanding of media literacy. We have carried out EU-wide studies for the European Commission, influenced EU legislation successfully, participated in experts’ panels, organised international conferences and many other initiatives.
But we are not happy. Europe is less media literate, not more. "
Paolo Celot
Secretary General & Founder - Eavi

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