EAVI Conversations 2020 Media Literacy Conference
The Conference has been postponed

Due to the current situation, EAVI has postponed the conference to a later date in October (TBA)

EAVI Conversations 2020 Media Literacy Conference
The Art of Living in the Digital Environment


A Full Day About Media Literacy
Experience & Learn

At the EAVI office we are busy preparing an event that you will truly enjoy and have fun!
A chance to meet, discuss and learn about media literacy and disinformation.

EAVI media literacy for citizenship
Speakers and Interactive Sessions

The Conference is organised by EAVI, the organisation who worked the longest on media literacy in Europe.
Policy, societal issues and individual skills will be discussed.
We aim to explore and get more clarity about how to truly benefit and use the media well.
An opportunity for both the media literacy community and young people to get informed and inspired.

Media Literacy Skills
Develop your own skills

At the venue, many different spaces will be available.
Participants for instance will have the opportunity to participate in dedicated sessions to develop awareness and be introduced to media and mindfulness.

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We are thrilled to present the EAVI Conversations 2020, taking place in Brussels on the 25th of March at the Cinema Palace.

The gathering will provide the opportunity to discuss and reflect about how to develop awareness of the digital environment in which we spend so much of our time. It is for people interested in media and disinformation. We expect representatives of EU institutions, the media literacy community, civil society and researchers but also for young people interested in the subject.

Renowned speakers will join us to inspire and discuss the future of media literacy and the EAVI perspective.

Based on our 10 years’ experience in media literacy, the event will be an opportunity to discuss, get inspired and learn. At the conference, participants will have multiple possibilities ranging from listening to key talks and interviews, converse and participate in interactive sessions, enjoy music and drinks, as well as enhance their skills in mindfulness and attention when using the media.

It’s going to be great

The Media Literacy Conference

Discover how this is going to be an event you don’t want to miss


Individuals in Europe and beyond are increasingly distracted consumers and manipulated citizens. Educational initiatives have been slow to catch up with technological and cultural shifts, and policies even more so. The opportunities that new technologies offered, in terms of facilitating meaningful connections and proactive civil engagement have not yet come fully to fruition. It is finally accepted that critical thinking, not just technical skills, is the core of media literacy. The rapid advance of new technologies and the disinformation phenomenon have created a narrative in which media literacy will be the remedy for all evils.
However, at EAVI, we believe that a more comprehensive frame should incorporate a deeper, pragmatic and holistic vision of media literacy. Our new media literacy concept is aimed at having a greater impact and influence in this new decade.

"In the last 10 years EAVI has contributed decisively to the current understanding of media literacy. We have carried out EU-wide studies for the European Commission, influenced EU legislation successfully, participated in experts’ panels, organised international conferences and many other initiatives.
But we are not happy. Europe is less media literate, not more. "
Paolo Celot
Secretary General & Founder - Eavi

The speakers

An Opportunity to Meet, Discuss and Learn

Renowned speakers will join us to discuss the future of media literacy, disinformation and the new EAVI perspective.

Register now for the Conference!

As usual, we would like to be able to welcome everyone, but unfortunately we are restricted by the seats available at the venue.

Don’t hesitate, register now to be sure to participate.

The Location


Cinema Palace Boulevard Anspach 85
1000, Bruxelles

The hours

9:00 AM – 19:00 PM

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