The EAVI Conversations

The EAVI Conversations is an online series of face-to-face discussions! The event aims to cover a wide range of contemporary themes related to media literacy, disinformation, democracy and citizenship, both with experts and policymakers, along with YouTubers and activists. The conversations elaborate on media consumption’s relationship with our digital well-being and our responsibility towards our societies. The experts navigate the discussions by tackling multiple media issues and concerns, as well as thoroughly examining the unique opportunities.

During the webinars and some of the interviews, we covered more specific topics such as policy, research or projects – the idea was to make the conversations accessible to everyone. They were intended to inspire, enhanced by the personality of each speaker, and potentially produced insights that were quite different from one another.   The gatherings provided the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how to develop awareness of the digital environment in which we spend so much of our time.  

Media-literate citizens, their values, and digital well-being are increasingly prevalent in European society and politics. Therefore, raising practical questions about how to increase media literacy and become media literate on a collective level is now more relevant than ever.

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